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TicketyTap is a mobile app development agency creating stunning and feature rich apps for companies in all business sectors including hospitality, sport, media, events management, clubs and mobile business sectors. 

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Smart Phones - The revolution

The mobile industry is booming due to the increased usage of mobile devices in day to day tasks, both professionally and personally. SMBs now recognise it is vital they add value by leveraging the vast audience of mobile users in favour of their businesses. An interactive application will consolidate on existing social networks such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, bringing together the various digital communications.

In the past SMBs have not recognised the potential for customer communication and brand enhancement that an application might add. This has been in part due to a lack of understanding of the technology, or an unwillingness to take risks due to the high costs of development. That mentality has changed and many SMBs now recognise a solid interactive application may have more potential than even a website.

The recent trend toward handheld and wearable devices presents new opportunities for progressive businesses, looking to evolve their presence and grow. The fact devices are now so mobile is creating a strategic advantage for SMBs looking to marketing a brand and services.

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Application Features‚Äč

image-459892-Social Media - RSS Feeds.png?1437652017075
Social Feed

Link your app to your blog or write articles using an online editor and see news appear immediately in your app, supported by push notifications.

Loyalty and Rewards
Encourage return visits by allowing your customers to earn points and track their progress to redeeming gifts all within your business mobile app.
Calendar Events

Give your customers the ability to view all your events in one place. Adding events to their smartphone calendar is simple.

image-459697-Camera - Photo.png?1438155974206
Sync all your photos from Instagram, Facebook and Flickr or simply upload them directly to your app from via the online editor to create beautiful galleries.
image-459728-File - Video.png?1437544269038

Sync all your videos from your YouTube or Vimeo accounts and let your customer discover and enjoy your content in your app.

image-459722-File - Music.png?1437544320898
You may link to your Soundcloud or Spotify account or your own hosted tracks with direct links to iTunes and Google Play stores. Radio streaming also available.
image-459959-User - Group.png?1437544404903

Enable your users to meet each other and share status updates and comments. Create your own social network and foster rich interaction between your users.

image-459894-Social Media - Technorati.png?1437544466812
Social Sharing
Reach more followers and grow your customer base with social sharing, enabling your users to post your content to their own Facebook and Twitter feeds from within the app.
image-459780-Mail - Send.png?1437544547258
Push Notifications

The most progressive and powerful engagement tool of the digital age! Send your customers time bound and relevant notifications directly to their smartphone home screen increasing the presence of your business

Reach all of your customers!!

Our design team will create an app to support your business needs and help you promote that tool to all of your customers. Add the power of an engaging application to your business and benefit now!


We offer custom application development from $1000 design and setup, plus an affordable monthly fee.

Services provided include maintenance for the life of your app, technology updates and promotional material. 

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